3 Benefits of Trial Presentation from Ruffin

3 Benefits of Trial Presentation from Ruffin

Trial presentation companies vary wildly in price and effectiveness, and value.  Ruffin Consulting’s new Trial Presentation service aims to nail all three.  In this article we’ll look at the 3 benefits of hiring a trial presentation consultant for your next jury trial.

Seamless Trial Presentations

Most lawyers understand the importance of providing demonstrative exhibits and visual aids during a trial presentation, but trying to present while operating a computer, PowerPoint, and exhibits might be a bit overwhelming.  Having someone there that has been with you through trial preparation that understands your case and can move along with you seamlessly can provide a smooth, powerful, and attention commanding presentation.  With a trial presentation consultant, you can focus on your case and let us handle the technology.

Your trial consultant will work with you throughout the trial preparation process to work out issues like timing, frequently referenced documents, and the general position of the case so that your presentation can either be coordinated from A to Z or freestyled and your trial consultant will be able to keep up even when documents or videos need to be referenced on the fly.


You never know how well your jury will be able to focus, but it’s your job to command their attention.  Depending on the type of case, that might prove to be incredibly difficult.  People have shown to be attracted information contained in video far more than that in text.  Furthermore, people learn in several different formats from lectures and video to paper exhibits.  Using visual aids like video depositions and demonstrative exhibits doesn’t just hold a jury’s focus, it also shows your preparation and professionalism.  Being able to combine all of these in a beautiful and well-organized fashion will not just put your mind at ease, it will help the jury understand and retain the information presented in your case as well.

Convenience and Technology

With individual monitors installed for the judge, jury, attorneys, and witnesses, you can be sure that everyone is reviewing the same information throughout the trial.  This level of convenience means that you’ll no longer have to page through stacks of paper to remind people of previously presented information, and no one is confused on which document is in question.

How well you present at trial could be the crux of months or years of work.  Take no chances, check out all that Ruffin Consulting can offer at trial by calling us at 252-243-9000.


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