5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Court Reporters

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Court Reporters

It’s the holiday season and whether or not you were door busting on Black Friday or clicking away on Cyber Monday, there are probably still a few gaps on your list.  What do you get for the court reporter with everything?  Here are 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Court Reporters.

Court Reporting Headphones

Court Reporting HeadphonesA nice pair of headphones is always a great idea for a court reporter.  Sound technology gets better and better every year, but picking the right kind of technology is important for transcription.  The headphones you choose for a court reporter should be lightweight and comfortable, they should feel great for hours and hours of use.

Another thing to remember is that noise canceling headphones aren’t the best for court reporters.  Because of the way the noise is canceled, it can actually distort small pieces of sound, which is a major setback.

Sound quality is also an important factor.  Court reporters need to hear a clear and balanced sound profile, so “Extra Bass” headphones are out.  Try the Bose SoundTrue headphones.  These are definitely worth the premium price tag!

Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support Court Reporter ChairSitting for extended periods of time can be hard on many parts of your body, including your back.  If you know a court reporter with lower back pain, especially after long periods of transcribing consider  lumbar supports as a gift ideas for court reporters.

They support the low back, improve posture, and reduce pain.  They’re great for long depositions, and some can even be used in the car on the ride home.

Computer Docking Station

Laptop Docking Station for Court ReportersWhen you use your computer as much as a court reporter, external peripherals like keyboards, mice, monitors and backup drives are great!  Although court reporters can’t take everything in the field, docking stations and accessories can save your laptop from the hours and hours of relentless abuse from transcribing at home.

With a docking station, you can leave all of your components plugged in and just snatch your laptop on the way out the door.  When you get back, just dock back in and it’s like you’re working from a much larger workstation.  This lets you set up an ergonomic and healthy office without having to fidget with tons of wires and connections.


If you haven’t experienced the Boostaroo, you’re missing out.  The Boostaroo is an audio amplifier for headphones.  It’s great for transcribing court recorded audio, or listening to backup audio of distant participants.  They’re inexpensive and portable.


Okay, we aren’t machines.  We all have our weaknesses.  I think I can speak for most court reporters when I say that chocolate is always a welcome gift!



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