Deposition Summaries: Get More Done

Deposition Summaries: Get More Done

Ruffin Consulting has a unique advantage.  We are a court reporting company run by paralegals.  Because of our skill set, Ruffin Consulting has a better understanding of the litigation process than most court reporting agencies our size.  It has allowed us to offer an impressive suite of services that other reporting agencies just can’t match.  One of these services is Deposition Summaries.

Deposition Summaries Save Time

When it comes down to it, the verbatim transcript is an invaluable tool in preserving testimony, but what happens when you just need the core information at your fingertips to prepare for

That’s where Deposition Summaries can save you and your client an immense amount of time.  Deposition Summaries reduce reading time by about 90% compared to a full verbatim deposition transcript and condenses information in an easy to read and well-organized report.

Prepared by Paralegals

Prepared by certified paralegals, Ruffin Consulting’s paralegals understand the pertinent information in a deposition.  Completely indexed with page and line numbers, you’ll be able to locate the relevant portions of the verbatim transcript in no time.

Preparing Deposition Summaries can be time consuming and depending on the skill level of your team, they can become expensive to produce in-house.  Ruffin Consulting provides the right amount of paralegal support whether you’re trying to contract out paralegal tasks, or if you simply need to manage a spike in your caseload.

Deposition Summaries are one of many tasks that our team of paralegals can provide to your law firm.

Based in North Carolina

Unlike other companies providing paralegal services, Ruffin Consulting’s team is based 100% in the USA, right here in North Carolina.

Deposition Summary Example

Click for Deposition Summaries ExampleFor more information on our Deposition Summaries or any other paralegal support services, call Ruffin Consulting at 252-243-9000.  We’re excited to see how Ruffin Consulting’s paralegal team can work for you!


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