Electronic Exhibits: No More Bankers Boxes

Electronic Exhibits:  No More Bankers Boxes

Electronic Exhibits

One of the most tedious and labor intensive aspects of taking a cross-country deposition is making sure that the witness can see all of the exhibits.  The volume of exhibits seems to rise with the complexity of the case.  As such, transporting Bankers Boxes full of exhibits from state to state seemed to be the only way to conduct a proper deposition. That was the case until Electronic Exhibits by LiveDeposition paved the way for easy online document sharing, designed specifically for litigation.

Electronic Exhibits Saves Time

The same document can be used over and over throughout a case.  With Electronic Exhibits’ online storage capability, you can easily upload exhibits prior to a deposition and have them at your fingertips throughout the case.

Stamping Electronic Exhibits

Stamping exhibits can also happen in the cloud.  Rather than try to decide the most important documents beforehand, simply upload everything into LiveDeposition’s Electronic Exhibits and you’ll be prepared for anything.

Upload Electronic Exhibits On the Fly

Taking a deposition duces tecum?  Just finding out about new discovery?  No problem.  Ruffin Consulting can scan and upload to Electronic Exhibits on the fly.  Uploading is a snap, and most documents can be uploaded and ready to go within minutes.

Realtime Markup

Too often, doctors are asked to point to a very specific point on an MRI slide or a fact witness might be asked to point to a specific place on a map of a car crash.  With realtime markup by Electronic Exhibits, your witness can annotate a document with arrows, shapes, and text with pinpoint precision.

Green Depositions

While spending your life at an airport and living out of a suitcase might appeal to some, our clients tend to think otherwise.  Not only do you save the cost of traveling, LiveDeposition and Electronic Exhibits helps to reduce your carbon footprint.  No more printing several copies of the same document, no more driving around in an unfamiliar city trying to find your location, and no more missing your flight.

Electronic Exhibits powered by LiveDeposition and provided by Ruffin Consulting is just one more reason why traveling for depositions is becoming less and less necessary.  LiveDeposition provides a live HD stream of your witness, a realtime text feed of the testimony, and exhibits managed 100% in the cloud.  For more information call Ruffin Consulting today!

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