Our group has done work  with [Ruffin Consulting, Inc.]  for about 3 years now, and it has been fantastic for us.  Bonnie is a highly experienced full-service paralegal and can do anything, though our group primarily uses her for document transcription, deposition summaries, and medical record analyses and chronologies since that’s the bulk of our workload.  

Her product is detailed and meticulous, and she has prompt turnaround.  I know she has a good reputation at several firms in Dallas so if anyone requires help on anything, I would highly recommend her.

Damon Goodner, Litigation Paralegal

Ruffin Consulting has provided an invaluable service to me and my firm.  They are reliable, efficient, and perform their work at a reasonable price.  The quality of the work I’ve seen has been excellent.  

Ruffin Consulting has proven to be real benefit, from both a time and economic standpoint.  Thanks for all the hard work.

Jennifer Owens, Attorney

During a 3 month trial in Federal Court, we needed a transcription service that provided a quality product with flexibility to do work 24 hours a day.   We happened to come in contact with Ruffin Consulting, Inc.. 

We found out that not only do they have a quality  transcribing service that is professional and accommodating, but also that Ms. Ruffin and her staff were qualified in a number of different areas including deposition summaries.  Whether it be time sensitive or long term projects, we intend to use Ruffin Consulting Services in the future.

Seth Tuman, Director of Operations

Prior to discovering the digital transcription services of Ruffin Consulting, the production of our work product was often untimely and correspondence was sometimes outdated.  Juggling dictation tapes and counting on outsourcing that may or may not be reliable, we were beginning to think we were going to have to hire someone full-time just to do transcription.

Since going with Ruffin Consulting, our correspondence is now on-time and well done.  All that for less than a tenth of the cost of bringing in a new employee!Sometimes getting our documents in mail to beat a deadline is half the battle.  Thanks to Ruffin Consulting for what you’ve done to help us and our clients achieve greater success!

Perry Morrison, Attorney