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Note: You should NOT go to during this process. All tasks (Vimeo account login/creation, and purchases) can be done through the video player itself in step 3. If at any time you find yourself on after purchasing a seminar, please return to this page and click the seminar you purchased to watch it here. The Vimeo video player will recognize you are logged in with Vimeo and play the full seminar. If the player doesn’t recognize you are logged in, click the “rent” icon at the top right hand corner and log in to enable the full seminar.

  1. Click the video you would like to watch and receive credit for.
  2. Each seminar is $25 for non-members. If you are registered with the NCPA you will receive a promo code for the member pricing of $10 each.
  3. Rent the video, by clicking the “rent” icon in the top right hand corner of the video player. You will be asked to login with your account (or create one), as well as enter your credit card/paypal information. Seminars will only be available 24 hours after purchase so be sure you watch it within the time allotted.
  4. Watch for the 2 confirmations word that will appear within each seminar. You NEED these confirmations words to receive credit.
  5. Fill out the small questionnaire to the right of the video to receive credit. An email will be sent to the NCPA as well as a copy to your email address for your own records. DONE
  6. If you have any questions regarding the seminars or obtaining credit. Please contact [email protected] or give them a call at 704-535-3363.
  7. If you encounter any technical problems in regards to the website, please contact the webmaster at [email protected]

*Newly recorded 2018 seminars are denoted by asterisks and bold.*

NCCP CLE Seminars

Trial from Start to Finish for Paralegals
Successfully Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims
Recognizing Legal Issues for Same Sex Clients and Giving Appropriate Advice
Assisting with the Probate Process
No Working, No Talking, No Fun! Oh My!
The Hole in Superman’s Cape (General Ethics)
Contracts 101 (Part 1)
Contracts 101 (Part 2)
10 Things a Superior Court Judge Wants You to Know
Business Court
Dealing with Emotional Impact of Crimes on Victims
Integrated Disclosure: Know Before You Show
Are you Doing Your Ethical Due Diligence?
Service of Process & Human Trafficking
Lien & Bond Issues
Top Ten Real Estate Complaints
Successfully Navigating Current Issues in Animal Law
County Government
Legal Updates in Family Law
Common Title Searching Pitfalls & Dealing with the AOC
Liens & Subrogation in Personal Injury Cases
Ripped from the Headlines (Gen. Ethics)
The More Things Change; the State of Legal Writing in 2017
False Sense of Cyber Security – It Could Not Happen to Me?
It Could Happen to You – True Stories from the World of Real Property Insurance Claims
Wills & Estates
Where’s My Elephant? – A Brief Overview of Sales and Marketing Law
Family Law
Trial Prep & Technology
Banking & Compliance
Social Security Disability – What a Paralegal Can Do
Chevron v. Donzinger: Ethics, Lies & Videotape
*Risk Management & the Paralegal*
*Adoption Law*
*Changes in Power of Attorney Rules*
*Cyber Fraud*
*e-Closings, e-Mortgage, & e-Notary*
*Ethics & Professionalism for the Modern Paralegal*
*Recent Changes to NC Expunction Statutes*
*Compassion Fatigue*
*Fiduciary Litigation*
Litigation Support Services Provided Nationwide