Number of North Carolina Workers' Compensation Hearing Transcripts Hits All Time High

Number of North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Hearing Transcripts prepared by Ruffin Consulting Litigation Support Services for attorneys hits all time high. As of May 31, 2012 Ruffin Consulting worked on thirty-five hearing transcripts in one month for attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants across the State of North Carolina. Our clients appreciate our willingness to do what we can provide timely and accurate transcripts. Transcripts are user friendly and prepared in several formats and contain a keyword index and condensed transcript, if requested. Text and be easily copied and pasted into other documents to save time in preparing Contentions, Opinions and Awards, and Briefs. Ruffin Consulting’s clients are also taking advantage of our court reporting service, court certified Spanish interpreting service, deposition summary service, and transcription service. Law firm staff is busy enough with their daily grind they don’t need to worry with working with litigation support vendors. We go the extra mile to assist our clients in moving their files ahead for settlement or trial. All services can be ordered online through our state-of-the-art website. Contact us today for more information about our services. We help you so you can help them!

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