Tech Tips for Court Reporters

Tech Tips for Court Reporters

It’s easy to get caught up on a case and forget the basics of running a business. Protecting your identity, tracking time for client depositions, managing a presence on social media, and having resources for case-related questions are the techie tips for court reporters that we’re covering in this blog post.

Password Protection

Tired of trying to remember every password? Whether it’s related to your Wilson, NC court reporter work or household, there’s a risk of having your identity stolen when you have an online presence. Protect your passwords by using unique passwords for every site and storing them on LastPass password manager. It’s safer than having a file with pieces of paper for each login and easier than remembering multiple passwords.

Time Tracking

It’s helpful to track your time, especially at a deposition. Even if the attorney didn’t ask for it to be timed, they may ask you later. FreshBooks, Tomato Timer, and Google Chrome Task Timer are options recommended by freelancers.

Say what?

When in doubt about a particular industry-related term, use social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to ask other court reporters for clarification. Sometimes it’s a medical term about which we aren’t familiar, a turn of phrase or regional slogan, or a mechanical term that we just can’t get right. Another reporter may have more experience and be able to decipher based on your description. Be careful not to say too many details about the case and client and you’re good to go. Check out Court Reporters Helpline on Facebook as an example.

Scheduling Social Media

It can take as little as an hour a month to schedule social media for your professional sites like a Facebook page and LinkedIn profile. Facebook offers scheduling right on their website and Hootsuite and Buffer offer free options for multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Even if you’re scheduling posts, we recommend checking in on a regular basis to respond to requests and make sure the scheduled posts are posting and look the way you want them to look.

If this is too much for you, we recommend finding help as technology is highly important to your ongoing success as a reporter. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

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