Trial Services

Trial Services

Trial Services

Trial Presentation using Trial Director.

Using high-definition equipment, we can also organize your case into a captivating presentation during trial. While a trained operator runs the system, you are in total control of what exhibits, documents, and media you would like presented to the judge and/or jury. A jury will be able to view your presentation on an enormous HDTV while all other parties including plaintiff counsel, defense counsel, the witness, and the judge all receive slightly smaller HDTVs.

Benefits of Ruffin Trial Services:

    • Transcript Management
      • Magnify a section (or section(s)) of a transcript or exhibit to draw attention.
    • Exhibit Management
      • Group together documents and exhibits by witness or create them in specific trial workbooks.
      • Present exhibits and transcripts side by side for an immediate comparison.
    • Video Management
      • Present video depositions, create clips, or view a transcript as a video deposition plays with transcript synchronization.
    • In the Courtroom
      • Fully trained operator is at your complete control.
      • Operator can print documents on the fly and/or email.
    • Other Services
      • Provide HDTV/DVD Player for video deposition playback during trial.
      • Present PowerPoint presentations.

trial services

trial services trial services
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